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MAF - the concept of Mental Alchemic Formations - created by the multi-genre artist, Chris McWayne, in which one creates from the energy, both positive and negative, that exists within and outside of one's self. Through the power of the mind, create growth from pain and gold from lead. This is a process of transformation of the self, derived from the principles of alchemy, Hermeticism, and Zen practice. This concept is the primary vehicle for artistic explorations and, as such, serves as the name of the artist. Each project becomes a new exploration into self-discovery and is laid as a new foundation for future structures. The central tenet of the practice is that nothing remains static, everything exists within flow and rhythm.

For over 15 years, MAF has developed a multidisciplinary practice spanning hip-hop, electronic music, sound design, composition, installation, sonic art, acting, curation, movement arts, and DJing. This journey has led to many valuable collaborations and the creation of projects that have taken on a life of their own. MAF played an integral role in the foundation of The Nouveau Sud Project, a physical theatre group, as well as, the Orbit and AFTA party series.


MAF Brother Aten


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